Dan Harrison, WordPress Developer

Dan Harrison

WordPress Specialist, owner of WP Doctors web development agency, salsa dancer, lover of chocolate and best of all, a Dad.

Hello! I'm Dan Harrison.

I live with my son in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire (UK)

I'm best known for being a WordPress Developer. I own and run a specialist WordPress web development agency called WordPress Doctors (WP Doctors). We create tools and improvements to existing WordPress websites with custom WordPress plugins and themes. Our clients are all service-based businesses, including marketing agencies, professional upholsterers, business coaches, accountants, IT support and more.

I first started working with WordPress back in 2006, as I was creating websites for my pet projects. I created all kinds of websites for all kinds of projects, including eco gadgets, toys for kittens, spy gadgets, sweets, and more!

I'm known for my love of chocolate. I particularly like Cadbury's chocolate, as well as white chocolate Lindt Lindor Truffles. I don't actually like dark chocolate whatsoever!

Kitchen Gadget Geeks

Kitchen Gadget Geeks

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